Philosophy and Mission Statement – Fauser Vitaquell

We love vegetarian, vegan, and organic food 

In accordance with the principle “best-of-quality,” Vitaquell has been producing high-quality food for nutrition- and health-conscious people for almost 100 years. Whether big or small, vegetarians, vegans, “eco” or sophisticated gourmets, Vitaquell offers a broad range of products with a variety of flavors for everyone with over 100 vegetarian, vegan, and organic food products – from A for argan oil to W for wheat germ oil.


Founded in 1922, Vitaquell has been an independent, family-run company rooted in oil and margarine production since 1930. With this expertise and a production culture matured over decades, this traditional company tracks the production of natural food products for the whole-food nutrition for today’s health food, natural, and organic trade. Over the course of the respective market development, and as part of the requirements from customers and specialty retailers, we were able to repeatedly prove ourselves as pioneers in various product innovations. These include, for example, the Vitaquell Omega 3 DHA oil and the first non hydrogenated, purely vegetable-based margarine with cold-pressed oils like the sunflower and wheat germ oil, thanks to which Vitaquell has been considered a “trailblazer” for health store margarine ever since.


Vitaquell - Green by tradition, fairness and responsibility for people, animals, and the environment, as well as our employees and al business partners

In addition to the actual product quality resulting from the careful selection of premium ingredients, a careful production process, and modern quality management, Vitaquell also focuses on aspects like environmental friendliness, habitat preservation, securing social structures. Fairness and responsibility towards employees, customers, and partners are among the most important principles of its corporate conduct, as well as with regard to following generations.

“We are proud that we have already been recognized with the quality seal of the independent institute new ethics for our consistent thought and behavior characterized by ethics, responsibility, fairness, and transparency.”

Hermann Pfestorf, CEO  


Our commitment

As part of our corporate philosophy, we also recognize societal responsibility. Thus, in the past, we’ve committed ourselves to several campaigns that show our customers how a healthy nutrition and lifestyle can be easily integrated into everyday life. In the future as well, we’ll promote projects that in turn promote the topic of “healthy nutrition” as well as topics for understanding a sustainable lifestyle and fair cooperation.


Quality Guarantee and Production

Vitaquell - Green, tasty, and guaranteed first-class

Quality and flavor are defined by several aspects. We are convinced that the careful selection of choice materials and ingredients, a careful production process paired with the creativity and competency of our product developers and ecotrophologists, and modern quality management with our own laboratory create high-quality products. Vitaquell products are intended to meet today’s requirements for holistic, whole-food nutrition – delicious and nutritious, diverse and high-quality, and produced in accordance with ethical aspects.


With over 100 products, Vitaquell offers an extensive range of choices for the breakfast table as well as hot and cold delicacies for all gourmets. These include our first-class, cold-pressed and all-natural (unrefined) vegetable oils, virginvegetable margarines, and vegetable fats, as well as an offering of soy, tofu, and fine food specialties.  


So that we will always be able to fulfill the current and future demands of our customers and retail partners, we work according to the following quality principles.


Trust is good – control is better

Our products are subject to constant monitoring – internal as well as external. In close collaboration with our suppliers, our Quality Team checks all raw ingredients and products for the following characteristics, and thus ensures first-class quality over the period of each product’s life cycle:

We check the source of the ingredients and ensure unbroken traceability

  • The ingredients are checked for goodness, quality, purity, and sensors
  • The careful processing ensures the retention of as many nutrients as possible
  • Traditional production processes are given utmost importance and consciously maintained
  • We produce food exclusively with genetically unmodified raw ingredients
  • As a matter of principle, we prepare products without any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Our production methods are modern and energy-saving



Both Fauser Vitaquell and our retail, production, and delivery partners are subject to strict operational controls conducted annually in accordance with the EU organic farming regulation. As part of an audit, expert third parties examine the entire production facilities for traces of heavy metals, pesticides, and other harmful substances. In addition, an inspection for microbiological stresses and genetically induced changes also takes place.

All Vitaquell products are of organic quality and are certified by the DE-013 organic inspection body. 


Environmental Awareness and Sustainability

Vitaquell – Green by tradition, fairness and responsibility for the present and the future

“Vitaquell has always fundamentally pursued values of the organic and vegan movements. That’s because, for almost 100 years, we’ve been producing vegetarian food for gourmets that is as all-natural as possible, and with respect for people, animals, and the environment. For the European and German markets, we’ve also already been offering a range of vegan products alongside our vegetable margarines for more than 40 years. For more than 30 years, we’ve also been an expert partner for organic food with a partial product range in accordance with the EU-Eco regulation. We’re not just following the organic/vegan trend concerned with a holistic/ideological form of nutrition, but are rather staying true to our tenet of “Green by tradition, fairness and responsibility for the present and the future.”


Hermann Pfestorf, CEO of Fauser Vitaquell


CO2 reduction and climate protection


More and more people are giving thought to their diet and lifestyle. That’s because our lifestyle has health-related, as well as ecological and social dimensions: Today we know that too much meat consumption can have more than just an adverse affect on health. The impact of intensive animal production, that is to say factory farming, has a demonstrably negative effect on global climate change: on the one hand planting fodder requires lots of acreage, and on the other it releases large quantities of gases that are damaging to the climate, such as methane and nitrous gases.

Consider that 10 kg of soy and large quantities of water are needed to produce 1 kg of meat. By contrast, using the same amount of soy can create 12 kg of vegetarian food.

Therefore, Fauser Vitaquell is taking on responsibility as a producer of vegetarian and vegan food and pursuing an environmentally friendly, resource-efficient internal and production method that aims sustainably for avoiding environmental pollution in all production stages and branches.

By participating in the dual system by the company “Der Grüne Punkt – Duales System

Deutschland GmbH,” for example, Fauser Vitaquell is making a contribution to reducing so-called greenhouse gases and saving approximately 146 tons of CO₂ equivalents each year. This just about corresponds to yearly CO₂ emissions created by the average annual power consumption of 80 two-person households. In 2013, Fauser Vitaquell was awarded with the “Der Grüne Punkt” climate certificate.


Climate certificate – Der Grüne Punkt 2013 | Download


Environmental partnership


Fauser Vitaquell successfully passed the voluntary, industry-specific environmental check and, due to its voluntary commitment to environmental protection, has been an environmental partner of the City of Hamburg since 2004. The total of individual measures demonstrably exceeds the passing score for the environmental check in the areas of Waste Disposal, Water-Saving Techniques, Fuel-Efficient Mobility, Application of Energy-Efficient Techniques, and Building Refurbishments, as well as differentiated resource management.


Large Variety of Products by Vitaquell

Vegetables are catching on and we approve. From oil and vegetable margarine, to spreads and salads, all the way to soy specialties and drinks – Vitaquell is at the forefront when it comes to innovative ideas for tasty and healthy alternatives to meat. Vegetarian and vegan cooking already has lots of fans, something that only motivates us all the more to continuously expand our delicious selection of tasty products. The best thing: Vitaquell uses absolutely no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Instead, we prefer to focus on natural flavors, delicious ingredients, and exclusive seasonings.

 Our Vitaquell kitchen still does testing, sampling, and developing all the way up to the outcome delivering unique, fresh, and delightful products of the best quality. In doing so, we consciously focus on a monitored point of origin and a careful preparation method – ultimately, we want our customers to also taste our passion for magnificent food.


Vegetable margarine

Who needs butter when there’s tasty vegetable margarine? The preconception that margarine will never measure up to the taste of butter has been obsolete ever since Vitaquell’s been on the scene. That’s because our vegetable margarines have it in them, in the truest sense of the word: high-quality, cold-pressed oils, naturally firm fats, as well as no artificial colors or preservatives. In addition, each one of our new margarine products is also coolly spreadable, so our vegetable margarine can be perfectly enjoyed at any time. It’s also suited to braising, baking, or broiling, and has many versatile applications for preparing yummy meals.


Savory Spreads

Spicy, delicious, extraordinary – no long descriptions are needed to encapsulate the features of the savory spreads at Vitaquell. With three savory creams made of almonds and fine herbs, five flaxseed oil and four sunflower spreads, we’re expanding our veggie lards and our meat spreads on every taste horizon by a multitude, and are proving once again that a tasty snack can be a true culinary highlight, even without animal products. They’re light and wholesome, and are likewise suitable as a dip or for refining sauces.


One Oil Changing the World

Marinating, roasting, braising, cooking – oil belongs in every kitchen as a basic ingredient. And so that meals become especially tasty, the oil should be good quality, and that’s exactly where we come into play. The oils by Vitaquell are, namely, not just high-quality ‒ each item in our comprehensive product range will win you over with both a completely individual taste profile and with its application features. The flaxseed oil, for example, is especially and exclusively suited for cold cooking, while the sunflower oil has been specially developed for a gentle roast. Other oils in turn can become the highlight of any salad dressing. The good thing: By now, we’re true oil specialists. We therefore offer our customers not just vegetable oils, but also multiple oil specialties. From argan oil, to hemp oil, all the way to macadamia nut oil, we seem to have every kind of exotic oil there is in our selection. The benefit: Through careful production, valuable ingredients like essential fatty acids, vitamins, and phytochemicals stay preserved and surely make our oils wholesome and unique.


The Team

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